No matter the task involved, we differentiate ourselves by being:

  • personable - we have a strict “no jerks and no egos” policy;

  • accommodating - we will meet you outside of normal business hours, at your office, or at your house, and we won't even judge you if it's messy;

  • responsive - we will return calls and respond to emails promptly, and we send drafts out like you ordered them through Amazon Prime;

  • transparent - we realize you want to know how much our services will cost and how the process works, so we discuss these things with you upfront, and offer flat fees for most engagements;

  • considerate - on hourly engagements, we will never bill you if you want to ask us a quick question via phone or email; and

  • value-oriented - we will be hellbent on making sure you get more out of working with us than you thought possible, whether it's by putting you in touch with our clients or contacts who can help you (and be helped by you), or trying to find a way for you to save or make money.