Probate & Trust Administration


The bulk of our probate and trust administration matters are handled by Mika Redinger.  Matt Gibson occasionally provides support, particularly with tax returns.


The probate process can be confusing and frustrating, especially when you are already dealing with the loss of a loved one. We have extensive experience helping clients move through the probate process as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. While we always make an effort to be approachable human beings first and lawyers second, this is especially true when we assist clients with probate matters.  

Trust administration, even when it occurs outside of the purview of the probate court, is no walk in the park. We help trustees understand their obligations and beneficiaries understand their rights, and we also can help bring change to irrevocable trusts that were intended to address a problem, but over time, have actually become the problem.



An unfortunate truth in estate planning is that even the best laid plans often go awry (credit there to Robert Burns' "To a Mouse"). This often occurs when an executor, trustee, or agent under a Power of Attorney fails to abide by his or her fiduciary duties. Another unfortunate truth is that sometimes susceptible individuals are coerced into signing documents or giving away property. And sometimes, people just commit downright fraud by taking assets or forging documents.

We devote a considerable amount of our practice, as a whole, to helping clients set up their estate plans and also administer their loved ones' estates or trusts. When trouble arises in relation to these matters, we are able to help resolve disputes, and, if necessary, help clients seek redress through litigation.



Assets left or belonging to a minor or an incompetent adult often require a guardianship.  We can help clients understand and get through this process as cost-effectively and painlessly as possible, and can also think outside the box to help clients explore alternative solutions.