Seeking Paid Summer Intern

We are seeking a high school, college, or law student who is interested in working 15-20 hours per week for 8-10 weeks this summer, at $12.00 per hour. We are very flexible with scheduling on a daily and weekly basis, and are happy to work around your other obligations and summer plans. The vast majority of your time will involve helping us get our documents and files in order (i.e., inventorying files and scanning documents). However, for students who are potentially interested in entrepreneurship or a legal career, there will be valuable exposure to the inner workings of a small law firm, and an opportunity for an expanded role.

If you're interested, you can email your résumé to  A formal cover letter is not necessary, but it would be nice if, in the body of your email, you told us a bit about yourself and provided some indication as to why you're interested in the position.