Are these people clients?  No. Is this a stock image? Yes. Did the photographer tell everyone, just as she was about to take this picture, to imagine that they finally finished their estate plan and still had money left over for beard oil and fedoras? Probably.

Are these people clients?  No. Is this a stock image? Yes. Did the photographer tell everyone, just as she was about to take this picture, to imagine that they finally finished their estate plan and still had money left over for beard oil and fedoras? Probably.

Everyone needs an estate plan. That would include a Will, possibly a trust, a financial power of attorney, and a healthcare power of attorney. If you're like most people, you're not comfortable trusting LegalZoom, or some other self-help program, for these important documents, but you also don’t want to spend a fortune to get the documents done by an attorney who makes the process overly time-consuming and complicated. Each and every month, we provide a middle ground that fits what most of the adult population actually needs.  But this July, we're going to offer a unique opportunity that will make the process even easier, and make our services even more accessible. 

How It Works

You and Matt Gibson work out an evening date, and then you get anywhere from 3-8 of your friends together (a couple counts as one friend). Over the course of an hour, we will enjoy some wine and have a group discussion about estate planning. Everyone will be given a questionnaire to complete, as we discuss, and you decide on, things like guardians, whether to do a trust, who to name as trustee, etc.  It'll feel a bit like Scattergories, only we can help you with your answers, there are no letter limitations, and your answers are obviously much more important.

At the end of the meeting, we collect completed questionnaires that will provide us with all the information we need to do your estate plan. Within 7-10 days of that group meeting, you will receive a complete set of estate planning documents, instructions on how to execute them, and instructions on how to coordinate your beneficiary designations. If you have questions about the documents or how to sign them, you are welcome to call or email Matt. And if you would like to meet with him to sign the documents, you can do so for an extra fee. 


Speaking of the fee, the base fee to do the documents is $400 if you’re not doing a trust, or $600 if you are doing a trust, and you can pay the fee with check or credit card at the meeting. That's not too far off what you would pay to do your estate plan yourself through LegalZoom. Plus, Matt will donate $50 of your fee to the 2017 Pelotonia rider of your choice.

If you are interested or would like to learn more, you can reach Matt at 614-792-7900, or at

Frequently Asked Questions

Having done over 200 estate plans per year, we realize that a lot of clients share similar concerns and have similar questions.  We also realize that a lot of clients share some common misconceptions.  Below is a quick summary of some frequently asked questions, along with some frequently provided answers.

Are assets in my revocable living trust protected from MY creditors?

No.  If you can amend and revoke the trust, you're not getting any creditor protection from it.  If creditor protection is important to you, then you need to consider some other measures.

Do assets that pass outside of probate avoid estate tax?

Probably not.  Avoiding probate and avoiding estate tax are two fundamentally different concepts.  Assets that pass through beneficiary designations and assets titled in a trust generally will be subject to estate tax, even though the probate court doesn't bollix up the transfer process.

When I die, will the government get everything?

Only if you name the government as the beneficiary of your Will or trust, which we generally don't encourage.  Without getting into the nuances, we'll simply say that the federal estate tax only applies to individuals at around $5.5 million or more, and married couples at around $11 million or more.  If you're over that level, then there's a 40% tax on the excess.  If you're under that level, there's generally nothing to worry about.  

Is LegalZoom cheap?

Nope.  If you want do-it-yourself documents, do some due diligence and check out your local library.  You'll save yourself a couple hundred bucks.  If you want real attorney help, call a real attorney.

How much does an estate plan cost?

It depends, but we like to offer our services on a flat fee, and the fee typically ranges from $400 to $1,200, even if a trust is involved.  We can get you a flat fee quote before we start on the project.  If you choose not to retain us, we'll be bummed out, but we won't bill you.

Another attorney quoted me more.  Why are you lower?

We've spend a lot of time and money making our process efficient, and we do a lot of this work.  This experience and efficiency allow us to do the legal work quickly, which means we can keep client costs down.  

Another attorney quoted me less.  Why are you higher?

We're not sure.  We know what the legal market says our time is worth, and we know where we can be more efficient, while also knowing where we can't cut corners.  We know how much time we need to devote to learning about a client's situation to make sure we're not missing important details, and we always make sure we give clients plenty of time to ask questions, seek clarification, and make changes.  

How long will it take you to send me drafts?

Typically, after we have our initial meeting or receive a completed questionnaire, drafts will go out in 1-2 business days.

Did Prince die without a Will?

Yes.  He died "intestate," which means to die without a Will.  He should have had one, and he should have had a trust, as well.  But I don't think his problems started and ended with his lack of an estate plan.

What other famous people died without a Will?

According to LegalZoom, which might not be very good when it comes to giving you cost-effective estate planning documents, but apparently keeps track of celebrity estate planning trivialities, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Sonny Bono, Stieg Larsson (who wrote The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Picasso, Steve McNair, and, perhaps most surprisingly, Abraham Lincoln all died without a Will.



One Day Estate Plan

Ever since you became a parent, you've been putting it off.  It's not sexy or exciting, but you know it's something you need.  What is it?  An estate plan.  Not just some piece of self-help garbage that you tried to piece together online but have no idea if it works.  A real, honest to goodness estate plan.  What if you could finally check it off your "to do list" all in one day, without paying the equivalent of a nice family vacation, and while working in some family fun?  Well now you can.


At 9 AM on a weekday, you bring the whole family to the office and meet with Matt Gibson.  Over the course of 45-60 minutes, we go over your situation, discuss some planning options, and work out all the details concerning your estate plan.  

You leave our office (armed with snack bars, juice boxes, and fresh coffee) and enjoy the day.  You can hike at Highbanks (5 miles from our office), head to the Zoo, shop and enjoy a movie at Polaris (7 miles), or even go home and relax--whatever staycation activity floats your boat.  Meanwhile, we will get to work preparing your documents.

Ridden hard and put up wet, you come back at 4 PM.  We'll review everything, make any changes that need to be made, and then sign the documents.  You should be on your way out the door by 5 PM.

You can rest easy at night, knowing that you finally took care of this very important, very adult matter, and done so with the help of a pretty experienced estate planning attorney who helps hundred of people a year through this process.


Documents included are Wills, trusts (if necessary), durable/financial powers of attorney, healthcare powers of attorney, and living wills (if desired), as well as transfer-on-death affidavits for real estate--the whole kit and caboodle. 

Married couples - $900 with a trust, or $600 without a trust
Single folks - $700 with a trust, or $400 without a trust

We are doing this during a limited number of days during the months of June, July, and August.  So if you are interested, please contact us ASAP to book a date.  You can reach us at 614-792-7900, or email Matt Gibson or


Feel free to share with friends and family!  And feel free to include another person or married couple in the process.  If you come in with another person or married couple, the meetings will still take roughly the same amount of time, so each of your fees will be discounted by 25%.


This option is an entirely reasonable way for most people to tackle their estate plan, but for a variety of reasons, this option is not right for everyone.  If we find out that this option isn't appropriate for you, we will let you know and discuss alternatives.

Welcome to Our Site

We pride ourselves on making use of technology in order to control costs and increase quality. Hopefully, this website serves as a prime example. Thanks to Squarespace and some time spent learning the program, we were able to make this entire site in-house in just a few hours.  Thanks for visiting, and please feel free to call us!