Business & Real Estate


On our most complex matters, Bob Pappas is at the helm.  Matt Gibson works on a variety of business and real estate matters, as well.


  • We help launch over 50 new businesses every year.
  • In total, we have over 300 business clients.
  • We work on over 20 residential real estate transactions each year.
  • We work on over 20 commercial leases each year.
  • Many of our business clients hope to hold onto the business and pass it onto the next generation.
  • Many of our business clients start their business with the goal of selling it relatively quickly.
  • Our business and real estate clients range in net worth from a few thousand dollars to $150,000,000.


Having the proper legal and tax foundation laid can ultimately determine the success or failure of any new business. We help you with that foundation, and also make sure you have money left to spend on more exciting aspects of your new venture. For the hundreds of businesses we have helped launch, our typical service involves help with organizational documents and name registrations, as well as tax elections.  



Once your business is up and running, you will start to face issues with employment agreement, contractor agreements, customer agreements, commercial leases, real estate purchase contracts, and loan documents, to name a few. We can help you understand and negotiate these documents to assure that risk is minimized and your business can thrive.  We can also help you if you're an employee or consultant faced with the prospect of entering into any of these agreements.


real estate

In many residential real estate transactions, a realtor is well-worth the expense.  However, in some situations, individuals wish to proceed without a realtor, or want the unbiased advice of an attorney during the process.  We help clients understand and move through the buying process, from the actual structure of the deal through the closing.

For individuals interested in making residential investments part of their portfolio, we help with the acquisition process, The structure of your lease, and the coordination of the investment as part of your estate plan.


commercial real estate deals

We have extensive experience preparing and negotiating commercial leases, commercial lease workouts, and real estate loans or refinance packages.